Whole 30: Day 3

Feeling very blocked up in the sinuses today.  There could be several reasons for this: a) my body getting over being inflamed from a couple of not-so-healthy food choices last week, b) lingering sinus infection (had flu last week also), c) my CPAP machine for my sleep apnea screwing up my nose – I cannot WAIT till I can throw that thing out and never use it again. Or d) some other food-related reason I’m unaware of – though not having eaten anything inflammatory, if it’s food-related I am guessing it’s my system reacting to the previous choices I made.

Took me ages to get out of bed today, feeling a bit sluggish, though again, the flu I had last week kicked me around a fair bit so I’m not too worried about it.

Yesterday I had:

Breakfast: 2 eggs, veges, 1/8 of a sweet potato, mixed with carrot and made into a hash cake.  I thought maybe I should have had 3 eggs, but I was pretty damn full.  Coffee with 3 tbsp coconut milk.

Lunch: Chicken, Leeks, 1/4 of a sweet potato sliced on the mandolin and fried in coconut oil, with lime salt.  I wouldn’t normally eat a lot of sweet potato (tend to stay in the 40-50 grams of carbs camp), but I’m really enjoying them at the moment.

Snack: 1 tsp of cashew butter. We made a bit of an error with dinner, and started it pretty late, which meant we were pretty hungry, I find just a small amount of the butter staves off hunger pangs and I’m never tempted to have more, so I view this as a safe choice if I have to snack.  Obviously it would be referable not to, but I’m sure I’ll be sticking to meals only as a general rule after these first few days. I used to graze a lot, so I’m happy with my progress!

Dinner: Melissa Joulwan’s Stovetop Pork Carnitas in lettuce wraps with homemade salsa and guacamole. YUM.

Roll on Day 4!

3 responses to “Whole 30: Day 3

  • Melissa Joulwan

    Congratulations on your first week of Whole30! Hope you sinus woes clear up for you soon — the first week can make all kinds of weird stuff happen to your body, so hang in there! Looks like your food is right on track… YAY! And thanks for the shoutout to my recipe!

    • jafagirl

      Hi Melissa! Wow, what a buzz it was to get this comment (I am an avid reader of your blog and may fangirl you just a little! *grin*) in my inbox this morning. Your review of ISWF was what convinced me to buy it, so I have you to thank for my household getting healthier than even before 🙂

      I certainly will hang in there, it couldn’t be as bad as the dreaded “Atkins induction flu” I had at the start of my low-carb journey earlier this year, ugh that was brutal.

      Your recipe is AWESOME. As are you, thanks so much for saying hi 🙂

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